Taking time to relax and prepare for the week ahead is something I try and do each Sunday so that come Monday I can start the week of strong and alleviate enough stress so I can kick back and watch Big Little Lies guilt free. Below are my five top tips that I have found to be the most beneficial.

  1. No Intense Exercise !

This may seem odd but come Sunday I have done enough cardio and weights training that my body needs to just chill. I usually try do something along the lines of a yoga class (preferably heated or yin) or even just a low impact walk. At the very least I will pull out the foam roller in front of the tv or while listening to an audio book (yes I am that person).

2. Plan

Take the time to plan what you need to do and when. In my diary I book in my exercise for the week so that it becomes a non negotiable commitment, this also helps me track any fitness goals I have. I also plan certain meals, like breakfast, that I know I am going to be home for and prepare these in bulk (I recommend Jessica Sepel’s breakfast brownie and capsicum and tomato soup). This saves me so much time and hassle during the week when I am at my most busiest and don’t have the energy. I also then try and plan any appointments and when I can see friends so that my week is balanced and I’m not booked into 7 different brunches on the weekend. Visually seeing my week mapped out makes me less stressed and able to channel that energy and time elsewhere.

3. Disconnect

Disconnect completely from technology on Sunday afternoons for as long as you can (2/3 hours is my goal). If you’re caught up between instagram and facebook or working ect on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, the hours will slip away easily. These are the same hours that you can spend on something you enjoy (connecting face to face, reading ect). Besides we are all aware of how bad too much screen time is for you.

4.Get out of the Mind-F*ck Maze

Whatever happened in the week  – Let it go. The overthinking, over analyzing and mentally draining portion of the week is over. No doubt something or someone has irritated, agitated, or got me raging. Sunday is when I make it my job to get past whatever happened. When I can’t do that, the problem/person who wronged me starts taking up rent space in my head and honestly I need all the space in there for taking care of me. It also impacts the week I have ahead and how effectively I can tackle what is to come. It doesn’t mean that I can’t do something about it—confront the person, write an email, make a phone call etc.—but whatever it is I make a strategic decision and then put it well and truly behind me.

5. Make Yourself Feel Good !

Finally don’t ever underestimate the power of clean sheets, a clean apartment and a nice scent or fresh flowers. Part of my Sunday routine includes making these things happen so that I can start the week off in a clean, functional environment and also somewhere I want to be. This also includes some form of indulgence, a bath, a face mask or a glass of wine on the couch. Take the time to do something you don’t normally do during the week and enjoy the little luxuries. Allow Sunday to be the day for you to replenish and rejuvenate.

Enjoy !



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