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If you’re anything at all like me, you probably rely on your phone for just about everything. Your phone is your life. Besides the obvious social media, my phone is my alarm, my notepad, my bank, my camera… basically, my entire life is synced up to my iPhone at this point.

Here are the apps that are currently making my life so much easier !


1. Mint App

If one of your goals for 2017 is to keep better track of your finances (ugh, adulting) and manage your money, then you’re going to love the Mint app!  Take a little time to set it up and it can help you monitor credit cards, track your spending and even help you budget better so you can buy more shoes.

2. Google Drive

I recently started using this app and now I don’t know how I lived without it before. It makes having lunch meetings much easier when I can pull up a file from the app vs bringing my laptop with me. This app has everything from excel to PDF files and I can make changes to any document immediately. It makes work a lot easier when I don’t have to wait until I get to a computer to update/see any documents!

3. Productive

Wanted to start a good habit in 2017 and actually keep it? Maybe you want to drink more water, get a better sleeping schedule going, or even commit to reading more? This app can help you do just that. It tracks your productivity habits and your daily goals and helps you keep yourself on the right track! Remember: it takes 21 days to form a habit.

4. Google Calendar

I manage everything on Google Calendar. I make a point to schedule all of my appointments, meetings and work things on the app as soon as they come in. That way, I can see exactly what I have to do for the day. It’s color coordinated so I can easily separate my tasks by category and when things look better, I function better.

5. Alarmed

You guys already know about the app ‘reminders’ that is a default app on your iPhone, but Alarmed is great because it separates all your tasks into to different categories. Everything from work to home to even groceries. The best thing about this app is the alarm option because you can set it to continuously ring until you turn it off, which is great for procrastinators like me. Even if I do set an alarm, I’ll just turn it off and then forget all about it. So this is a great way to get everything finished for sure.



Sunglasses by Armani

Blazer by Thom Browne

Shirt by Hugo Boss (Orange)

Shorts by Topshop

Shoes by Stubbs and Wootton

Rings by Tiffany & Co

Tech by Apple