There’s nothing better than skipping Friday night drinks and treating yourself in my opinion, but then I’m a nanna. So here’s my Friday night routine as of late.

  1. Leave work early – Log that time in lieu and get out of there !
  2. Go for a run in the sun – there’s something so satisfying about finishing your week off with a kick ass song and a run along the beach (current favorite – Hate Me Now by Nas).
  3. Shower and get into your comfy sweats.
  4. Make sure you have something sweet for dessert #essential
  5. Do not cook!!! – Order from Ichi Ichi Ku (Japanese) or Entrecote (french) and order what ever you want !
  6. After dinner apply the estee lauder advanced night repair concentrated recovery PowerFoil Mask to a) counter balance the naughty food b) so you look good for Saturday night.
  7. While masking get your tv shows in order;
    1. Big Little Lies season 1 – HBO
    2. Girls season 6 – HBO
    3. Feud season 1 – FX
    4. Riverdale season 1 – CW Network
  8. Sit on the couch, relax and enjoy with a glass of Giaconda shiraz !