I desperately want to be one of those people who love waking up and exercising but the truth is it happens maybe once a week that I feel ecstatic to go. Don’t get me wrong, once I’m a sweaty mess and have left it all on the floor I love it. Its the motivation I struggle with.

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These are little tips and tricks that make IT EASIER, not magic like mary poppins snapping her fingers, but they do help me.

  • Once a week on a Sunday I look at my calendar and book my workouts in based on my diary events and work meetings. Once these are locked in, it creates a routine and I tend to manage my time better this way.
  • Nothing is more boring then doing the same workout in the same location over and over and over. Try going for different locations and alternating your workouts. Whether that’s the beach, a spin class, a game of tennis, whatever. For me, I love practicing hot yoga on the weekend and relieving all the joints and muscles used from the week.
  • I often say that if I dress the part and look good then I feel more inclined to work out. One thing I learnt from my friend and sports luxe designer Tully Lou is to plan your outfit the night before.This makes it way more easier to just roll out of bed and jump in your car. Im a big situational dresser and wearing the right tech fit apparel that moves with my body and stays in place lets me focus more of my energy on my workout.
  • Seeing results is what drives me, It’s a sure motivator. So get out of bed and get on that mat, in the ring or into class. I often start to see results after a couple of weeks. And the determination to feel and look better is kind of addictive. Try tracking (as horrifying and daunting as a naked mirror selfie is) your progress with photos.
  • Get inspired by friends, books, magazines whatever helps. For me its a morning scroll on instagram and seeing hot people that makes me tie up my laces and get moving. I highly recommend @jasondundas @benidoolan and @dr.jonathan.leary
  • Finally espresso – get that body moving !!!


Hat by Adidas

Bomber Jacket by T by Alexander Wang

Backpack by Fendi

Back Charm by Fendi

Tights by Tully Lou

Shoes by Chanel